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The CFPB Promulgated A New Collection (FDCPA) Rule To Be Effective November 30, 2021.

This page will help you in implementing the new FDCPA policy into your Borrow Smart Compliance training, tracking, and reporting system.

First, you can download a draft and marked-up version of this new policy prepared by Ballard Spahr by clicking on the links below. These are  the final documents, and the video described in the next paragraph explains how to convert the Word document to a "final" policy document.

Second, view this ten-minute video on incorporating the material into the training, tracking, and reporting system.

Third, click here and follow the information in the video with our attorney at Ballard Spahr where there is a detailed discussion about the new policy and an FAQ discussion (frequently asked questions)..

Finally, if you do not recall how to add material to the training support system (TSS) or need a quick refresher, you can watch this short video.

Click Here To Open As A PDF Document

This will display a pdf document.  Once displayed you can save the pdf..

Click Here To Download As MS Word Document

This will download a Word document to your download folder.  This document is marked up with the changes.  If you wish to remove the mark-ups and incorporate them into a clean document use the Review function in Word to accept the changes.