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E-Learning Staff Training & Tracking

January 11, 2014


A Cornerstone Of Your Compliance System Is  Custom Staff Training Courses On All Critical Elements of The CFPB Compliance Manual.


Employee staff training is critical and it is required for compliance.  It is included as a component of your compliance system.  The Borrow Smart Compliance system provides that training through a custom designed online learning system that provides training, testing and tracking for your employees.  It is unique in that it also allows you to customize training material for your specific company and to even update and change that material as as you determine is needed.


Click here now to review just one of our online training courses -- Truth In Lending.  There are custom designed courses for all areas of the Ballard Spahr policy manual that require staff training.


SPECIAL NOTE: In order to view this video you must use a Microsoft Browser (Edge or Internet Explorer) and allow Adobe Flash to run.



Thanks and enjoy!

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