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Adding Your Policies To The Training Support System

March 5, 2020


A Unique Feature of The System Is Embedding Your Company Policies Directly Into The Training Courses.


In order to assure that the training your staff sees is "your" training and not a generic course you have the ability to embed your companies specific policy directly into each training course. In the training we refer to this as "Company Specific Policy."


View the 15 minute video below to see how this is accomplished.


PLEASE NOTE: We suggest you view this video in full-screen view.  After you open the video, you can hover your mouse over the bottom of the video screen and use the slider at the bottom of the screen to jump ahead, go back or pause the video. You can also go to settings in the lower right corner of the video screen (gear icon) to change the speed, if you are in a hurry. The last icon on the right of the setting icon is the full screen icon.  Click on the image below to begin the video.




Thanks and enjoy!

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