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Training System Resources

June 1, 2015

There is a tremendous amount of information and many resources included in your compliance system.  In an effort to simplify what is available, here is a list of the four web based resources you will use in the implementation of your system.  Each site requires log in credentials, so please be sure you keep very good notes on your logins for each site.  We strongly suggest that you use the same login name and password, if you can, at each of the sites to keep things simple.  To see a description of how each of the sites are used and for more detailed information, we suggest that you view, at a minimum, the two training sessions on the left: Training System Resources and Training Intro: TSS & LMS.

www.BorrowSmartCompliance.com (this site)

The member only section of your the Borrow Smart Compliance web site includes important information that will help you in understanding and using your compliance system.  This is where we post training and other webinars for you to review at your convenience.


This location is a private shared network for members where important compliance documents and materials are maintained, stored and updated.  This includes your policy manual, How To Guides and other documents that are available for the compliance system.  This is the material from which you will develop your company specific final policy.  Or, if you choose, you can use the policy directly from Ballard with very minor changes.

There are three very important documents/folders here in the shared network.  All documents are in a Word format.  Your full policy manual and an "abbreviated" policy manual. 

Full Policy Manual (Compliance Management System_1.0.docx) -- This is the Ballard Spahr policy manual from which you will use to develop your own policy.  The manual is broken down into all of the sections you will need to address in order to create your own Compliance Management System (CMS).  As you review each of the sections that relate to federal regulations (UDAAP, Collections, ADA, etc.) you will note that there are two parts to the section.  First is a description of the topic and background on why it exist and next, and most importantly, is the written policy. You will need to review the policy and be sure it matches what is appropriate for your company.  There are also sections that require your input that are only specific to your company that you will need to modify.  We strongly suggest that you create a separate word document for each of you policies and keep them in a safe place.  Use these documents to copy and past into the TSS (below).  This is how your policy is integrated into the training content and it is how your full policy manual for distribution to your stores are created.

Abbreviated Policy Manual (Compliance Procedures Only.doc) -- This is identical to the policy manual described above but we have removed the portion that describes the back ground from the manual above.  Please note that if you hover your mouse over the page number in the table of contents, hold down the Ctrl key on the keyboard and click on the page number, it will jump you to that particular section of the manual.  Hit Ctrl & End on your keyboard and it will jump you to the last page where you will find a description of the pages that require changes.

How To Guides -- This is a folder that contains the How To guides.  Consider the How To Guides as an operation manual for each policy.  In particular there are a series of Q & A's for issues that are not specifically addressed in the policy manual.

www.TrainingSupportSystem.net (TSS)

The Training Support System (TSS) is a critical component of your compliance system.  It is used in two ways.  First, to upload and manage your private and unique policy documents for review and for training your staff.  These policies will be developed by you from the Ballard compliance manual that you will access at the site above.  The documents that you upload at the TSS site are used in the e-learning training system (LMS) described below to train (and track) your staff compliance in each policy topic area. Second, it is also used by your staff to access the e-learning training system.  As the compliance officer/administrator you will have a unique login that will allow you to control the system.  Your staff will use a separate login that will need to be assigned.  That single login will be the same for your entire staff.

www.GenesisTraining.net (LMS)

This is the actual online training system used in the training of your staff.  You will also use this to setup and manage you learners (staff), teams and sub-teams (levels of management within your company) and to assign courses to your learners.  When anyone takes or reviews a training course they will actually be logged into and using the LMS system.  However, your staff will connect to this site by first logging in to the TSS above and from there they connect to the LMS via a direct web link to the LMS.


This is a community forum that you can use to keep abreast of questions and updates to issues relating to training and compliance.  You will need to first register at this link.  After you register it may take up to 24 hours for you to hear back with confirmation that you are authorized to use this resource.  This is a great place to ask questions and search for issues that you may have questions about.

Now, be sure and review the videos referenced above to see how each of these are used in building your company specific compliance system.