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Our Webinars


Training System Launch -- TSS & LMS

August 23, 2013

Before you view the video below be sure and read the instructions that are below the video.  This new system allows you to navigate straight to the section you want to review. 

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The webinar was held with our compliance members to discuss the new Training Support System (TSS) and the Learning Management System (LMS).  This webinar will focus on preparing you to launch the training courses inside of your company.  It is designed to give you all you need to start your training today.

The webinar is about an hour and fifteen minutes in length.  There are navigation buttons that will allow you to jump to sections that are of interest if you don't have time to view the full webinar.  Please allow 20 to 30 seconds for the video to start depending on the speed of your internet connection.  You can view this on your mobile devices (you may be prompted to download an app) but we believe the experience will be better on a traditional PC or laptop.  Finally, be sure that you read the navigation suggestions below.

  1. Mouse over the video after it begins to see more options.  If you do not see the navigation bar then left click on the tab button in the lower right corner of the screen as seen here.  

  2. Mouse over the video anytime after the video begins to see the navigation buttons again.  The navigation buttons are important and will let you jump directly to a section of the video that interest you.