The Council for Fair Lending is a not-for-profit trade organization with over 400 member stores in the state of Alabama. Its mission is three-fold:


  1. To unite cash advance and title lenders in the state of Alabama in order to better educate consumers and the media about the services provided by short term lenders. Through this education, CFL hopes to dispel myths about short term lending by opening lines of communication between the industry and the communities it serves. CFL will expect and demand fair and balanced media coverage of our industry and its services.


  1. To establish accountability within the industry and ensure fair treatment of all customers. All CFL members are held accountable to the councilís Code of Fair Lending and are expected to handle all business transactions with integrity and honesty. Any member shown to have intentionally misled or mistreated a customer or potential customer will be expelled from the council and will be asked to remove the Borrow Smart Alabama seal of approval from its stores.


  1. To honor our customers and their needs by protecting the future of our industry. CFL members and, more important, its customers, believe short term lending is an important service that, when used responsibly, has a positive impact on the quality of life of thousands of Alabama residents. This is what our customers tell us.  CFL intends to protect our customersí right to make their own financial decisions and their right to borrow when in need.


The Borrow Smart Code of Fair Lending is available only at approved Borrow Smart stores.