We, the members of this association, in order to best serve the citizens of this state, recognize and adopt the following operating principles: 

  1. All customers will be treated with concern in an honest & professional manner.

  2. All customers will be fully informed of their borrowing rights & obligations.

  3. We will promote the responsible use of credit and strive to educate our customers on their financial choices.

  4. Our employees will treat all customers with courtesy, fairness & integrity and will respond to any complaint about our service promptly and directly.

  5. We will protect our customerís rights to privacy with respect to personal information.

  6. We will honor and respect members of active military & their dependents. The Department of Defenseís regulations on loans will be strictly adhered to.

  7. We will comply with city, county, state and federal laws and keep our customers informed of the regulations that govern our actions.

  8. We will exercise compassion to cash advance customers when warranted by offering repayment options before proceeding with civil collections. Title customers whose vehicles are repossessed will be offered options to retrieve their vehicles.

  9. We will offer reasonably affordable loans to customers on fixed incomes.

  10. We will not allow customers to roll over a loan unless authorized by state law.

  11. We will give our customers the right to rescind, at no cost, a new loan on or before the close of the next business day.

  12. We will prominently display the Borrow Smart seal in all of our stores and adhere to the Borrow Smart Alabama Code of Customer Service.