ABOUT US......


The Council for Fair Lending of Alabama was established in November of 2007 by a group of Alabama-based cash advance and title loan lenders who recognized a need for accountability within the industry as well as a need to better educate Alabama residents and our customers about short term loans. Our promise as Borrow Smart Alabama members is that we will encourage every customer to borrow wisely, understanding that our loans are a short term solution.


All members of the Council for Fair Lending have agreed to a Code of Fair Lending to which stores must adhere. This code promises fairness, honesty and integrity in all business practices, specifically noting that members will:

  • Promote the responsible use of credit and strive to educate the
    consumer on financial choices that are available to them.

  • Exercise compassion when warranted by customer situations to arrange repayment options.

  • Be especially careful in assisting customers that are on fixed incomes by offering reasonably affordable loans.