About Borrow Smart

Borrow Smart is a community and customer relations program first launched by lenders in Alabama in 2007 that works to educate the public and the media about short term loans. We have worked diligently to support consumer protection issues through our Code of Fair Lending and our Borrow Smart Financial Education initiative. This work has been hugely successful in member states in overcoming efforts by "consumer advocacy groups" to define our industry and our customers negatively and who wish to regulate short term loans out of business.  We have accomplished this by furthering the cause of consumer issues, promoting the wise use of our services and by launching other consumer based initiatives.


Borrow Smart Compliance is another of our consumer protection initiatives now available for lenders who must implement the new federal consumer regulations and laws as enacted in the Dodd - Frank Wall Street Reform bill.  Our industry and our members fully support consumer protection.  Further, it is now the law of the land and all lenders must comply with all aspects of these new and complex federal laws and regulations.  Borrow Smart is leading the way in this effort for our industry.