Common Connectivity Issues & Solutions

November 12, 2013

While using the online e-learning training system is easy and fairly straight forward, that does not mean there may not be technology issues to deal with.  The single most common issue reported to us is that the company specific content does not display when taking the training course. 

By the way, you can send a direct link to this page to your staff without requiring them to login to the member sections at:

The most common causes for this are as noted below.

  1. Type Internet Browser.  At the moment Internet Explorer is the approved and supported internet browser.  We expect that to change soon, but for now that is what you should use.  Internet Explorer is installed on all Windows machines.  It does not have to be your default browser of choice, but it should be used to access the TSS at

  2. Training Support System much be accessed first.  The Training Support System (TSS) at must be accessed first by the learner before taking a course.  After connecting to the TSS and then clicking on the Start Training button the learner will be connected to the LMS to begin taking their assigned courses.

  3. Internet Explorer Settings.  There are two places you may need to go to change settings inside Internet Explorer if you experience a problem.  Click here for the suggested changes.


 If you are unable to resolve the issues please drop us and email by clicking here or call us at 205-733-9926.